Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hot Showboys -Broadway and Beyond

Mark Mackillop -King of Selfies, even published a book of them called Room XIV. 

Mark Mackillop

Patrick Hartigan -hot talented singer/dancer/actor (with dolphin and below)
Kyle Dean Massey -starring now as the boyfriend of Chris Carmack's character on the ABC show Nashville.
Check all these guys out on their instagram and facebook pages.  Trust me they are talented and smokin!

Outfest Film Festival -My Picks!

So I spent two weeks attending the annual Outfest film festival in Los Angeles. Here is my feedback on some of  the ones I saw:

Do I Sound Gay -a life-changing documentary on what it means to be gay identified.  A must see!

Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story -a documentary about the legendary founder of Falcon Studios.  Was thrilled to hear from one of the producers that Chuck didn't like using gay4pay models, even though some of his contemporaries did (Matt Sterling and John Summers).
Falcon Studios documentary -Seed Money talked about many of the legendary performers.
Fourth Man Out -a feel good buddy flick for straight audiences (no sex).  Loved the fact that the lead is a gay actor playing the gay part.  And he's damn hot -Evan Todd!
Evan Todd -Broadway performer gets the lead in Fourth Man Out.  Google him for pictures of him in his underwear in a play.  Very talented actor as well.

Out Magazine Story Sells Straights

Wow, we don't need gay men anymore since straight guys can do all and be all!
Out magazine celebrates straight men!